Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vlog Post: Dueling Diego

Ahoy! I hope everyone's having a good weekend and tanking up on celebratory weekend Yum. This week we're doing something a little different. I wanted to do a sort of guide/personal experience post for Dueling Diego but felt like yet another guide, as I did with the Hoodoo bundle and its contents last week, would be boring, so I made this post very video-heavy with a little text to support it. So without further ado, watch the video below and enjoy!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hoodoo Bundle Review

Hello Pirates- as you've probably already heard, Pirate101 announced a new $29 bundle available at Walmarts across the US: the Hoodoo Bundle! If you remember the last $29 bundle, it had an awesome outfit, an exciting new kind of housing item but an only so-so companion and ship (disclaimer! I still love having Handsome Dan as part of my crew, but it's true that I would still choose other companions over him, and the ship is fun because of its unique silver trim, but it's hard to mix and match ship parts). So I would like to let you guys know my thoughts on the bundle so that you can decide whether you believe it's worth it for you or not.

Moving In

Exciting news! I have (for the most part) moved to Blogger! It was time for something new, and I was drawn by how versatile Blogger is compared to the limited set of options Weebly gave me. Blogger will also be way, way cheaper for when I'm ready to go all out and buy my .com domain. So now, aside from unpacking a few small boxes of things, fiddling with the new banner until I'm completely satisfied and touching up a few more pages, Cdre. Chucklesworth and I will be living here and blogging about our adventures and thoughts on the game.

I already have a few posts planned out, so stay tuned for those!