Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vlog Post: Dueling Diego

Ahoy! I hope everyone's having a good weekend and tanking up on celebratory weekend Yum. This week we're doing something a little different. I wanted to do a sort of guide/personal experience post for Dueling Diego but felt like yet another guide, as I did with the Hoodoo bundle and its contents last week, would be boring, so I made this post very video-heavy with a little text to support it. So without further ado, watch the video below and enjoy!

The protagonists of this game. Francesca needs your help, and it's up to you to guide Diego through four grueling tests of skill to rescue her from the nefarious Roberto! Diego has only three hitpoints, but can regain them over time.
These barrels will roll across the ground at you- jump over them quickly or you might get flattened! Sometimes they'll come at you in pairs. You'll have to wait until the very last second and time your jumps well to get over these. You cannot hurt barrels with your sword!

Blood Bats will approach from above Diego's head, run directly towards him and hover down near his feet. Use your quick reflexes to jab your sword at the right level to hit them; A when they're up high, S when they're at eye level and D when they're near the ground. One hit will do the trick.

Normal Gobblers aren't much of a problem. Hit them three times with any attack and they're done.

This guy is tougher than most Gobblers. He's the boss of the first and second levels and has 5 hitpoints. I like to keep the right arrow key held down and to spam S at him. This way he won't be able to hit you, since you're constantly attacking, and you'll take care of him in no time.

Fire Elves will shoot arrows at you. They're still pretty short, so just jump over the arrows and hit downwards with D to get them in a single hit.

Shield Gobblers will alternate between putting their shield up around their face and down near their legs. Be quick about attacking with either A or D- middle-level attacks won't work and the Gobbler will punch you if you aren't quick enough!

Snakes will rush at you when they see you, so be ready to hit them with a lower attack using D when they get close.
Nose Goblins may give you a bit of trouble, but with practice they'll be very easy. Stand back and let them throw spears at you. Each time they throw, jump over the spear to get a little closer. Keep doing this until you're close enough to hit them. Repeating this little process three times will do the trick.

The boss of the third level is this Nose Goblin Shaman. Stand in one place and keep your wits about you, as he will throw spears a bit more erratically. Luckily, he will often run up close to you, so seize your opportunities to hit him when you can. Five hits will take care of him.

Skeletons will try to stop you by throwing molotov cocktails at you. But just think of them as really big fire elves or bony nose goblins. They'll throw their cocktails at a consistent rate, so jump over them to reach the skeleton and hit him three times.

Ghouls act like giant snakes. These guys will run really, really fast at you when they spot you, so jab your sword using S while they're still approaching. Because they're going so fast, you'll be able to get them. They have three hitpoints.

Roberto is one tough cookie. He is the last boss and will do everything in his power to keep you from rescuing Francesca. You won't be able to deal him any damage; instead, pay attention to the stalactites falling from the ceiling. Lure Roberto under one of them, and if you're lucky it will hit him and leave him defeated. Hooray!