Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fool-proof Farming

Is Rooke being especially stingy with you? Just can't catch a break in the Metal Guardian's temple? Perhaps you're left in the dust as you watch all your friends gather every piece of Captain Blood's outfit while you're still trying to muster the patience to do the dungeon more than once? Well look no further than this post! This week we're going to discuss some great tactics that you can use in your grueling hours of farming bosses for drops. While these techniques won't guarantee your success, you can tip the odds in your favor considerably.

You may also be wondering why these methods have never been discussed before. That's because a few of us have been doing extensive research during this toned-town time before the big release of updates coming this spring to Pirate101. You will find at the bottom of my guide a list of links to my fellow bloggers who have also been hard at work to bring you the latest in farming strategy.