About Me

My friends all call me Beatriz. You can call me Beatriz. This is a site dedicated to all the stuff I do that involves Pirate101!

I am an engineering student in college. When I'm not studying or hanging out with friends, I'm probably doing something Pirate101-related. I have been playing since the beta days and create fan works from stories to real-life hats from the game!

You may have seen me over on Pirate101 Central under the name Beatriz Abbott, or you've seen me in the game. I'm all over the place. I love my hobbies, I love my schoolwork and I love life.

Pirate bio:
Name: Beatriz Abbott
Place of Birth: Marleybone
Pet: Commodore Chucklesworth, the Armadillo Verde
Firstmate: Bonnie Anne, Fox Highlander
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Skills: Winning Yum competitions, sailing, doing good for others, swashbuckling
Likes: Yum, adventuring in MooShu, defeating enemy ships with fellow pirates
Dislikes: Ratbeard's jokes
Phobias: Crab Crawlies
Alignment: Good
Speech: Marleybone accent

Pet bio:
Name: Commodore Chucklesworth

Place of Birth: Cool Ranch
Owner: Mommy (AKA Beatriz Abbott)
Special talent: Being rolled up in a ball

Hair color: Green
Eye color: Black
Skills: Relentless, Riposte
Likes: Yum, armadillo food, table scraps, hide-and-seek
Dislikes: Ratbeard
Phobias: Clockwork soldiers
Alignment: Good
Speech: Squeaky

email: beatrizabbott1@gmail.com
twitter: @swashbuckler777
Pirate101 Central: Beatriz Abbott