Here you'll find a list of awesome people and sites that you should definitely check out for more blogging, fansite fun and great tools to help you in your journey across the Spiral. Wanna have your site added to this list? Use the submission form at the bottom of this page!

A Pirate's Portal

A Pirate's Portal is a fun blog where you can keep up with the adventures of a young Pirate and his totally awesome mom as they journey across the Spiral. Read their helpful guides for quests, companions and even gameplay hints!

Adventures of the Spiral

Adventures of the Spiral is run by Sheldon: a guide moderator on both Pirate101 Central and Wizard101 Central. Check out his news and cool interviews with notable Pirates and Article of the Month: articles about noteworthy fansites who have made a difference in the fan community.

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem

Edward Lifegem is the owner of the aptly-named Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem. He brings his unique perspective on adventures and news in the Spiral and has been known to host a contest now and then! Don't forget to also read up on his online safety tips.

Art in the Spiral

Art in the Spiral is owned by AluraRB, who is the artsiest Pirate (and Wizard!) in the Spiral. She loves making artwork based on both Wizard101 and Pirate101, and she even takes commissions for her artwork.

Arthur the Pirate

Arthur the Pirate is a fun, colorful blog brimming with news and stories of Spiral adventures. Run by Arthur himself, the site features some of his own work with graphics and is sure to brighten your day with his inspirational quotes about being proud of who you are and beating the internet trolls.

Ditto Monster's Bloggy Thingy

Ditto's blog is run by- you guessed it- Ditto! He's the furriest Pirate this side of the Spiral and shares his adventures and online safety tips with his fellow Pirates. He has also been known to host fun and unique contests, so check back with him often.


Duelist101 is your #1 resource for PvP (player versus player) technique, news and fun. It's run by a group of enthusiastic and talented writers who will also host contests and even let you set up your own blog with them!

Mercenaries for Charter

Need help with a dungeon in your quests? Just wanna do some farming that requires a group of people? Look no further than Mercenaries for Charter, run by a friendly group of Pirates willing to help in anything you need. In addition to fast, friendly services, they host contests and provide world info and boss strategies.

Paige's Page

Paige's Page is run by Paige Moonshade: the Spiral's friendliest housing specialist for both Pirate101 and Wizard101. She often hosts contests and keeps us up to date on the coolest decorated houses in the Spiral. Check back with her often for news on the latest happenings in the Pirate world.

Petnome Pirates

Petnome Pirates is a special database brimming with info on pets! It relies on user input as new pets are released and their powers and talents are discovered. Also be on the lookout for rewards for finding new pet info!

Pirate101 Central

Pirate101 Central is your one-stop shop for forums and the largest Pirate101 wiki to date: Pirate101 Central Wiki! This site is run by Jester, Olivia and their jolly band of helpful moderators. Share your fanart, role-play with others, participate in contests, play in the Arcade and contribute to the wiki, all from one site.

Pirate101 Skyways

Pirate101 Skyways is a sub site of Stars of the Spiral, which is a huge database of fun info for both Pirate101 and Wizard101. Run by Kelsey Fireheart, this site will keep you up-to-date on Pirate news, contests and even a Tumblr dedicated to W101 and P101 humor!

Pirates of the Spiral

Pirates of the Spiral is run by Johnny, who just so happens to be a moderator on Wizard101 Central, too! His site is dedicated to the adventures of his Pirates, interviews with notable Pirates and developers and general info about the game.

Secrets of the Spiral

Secrets of the Spiral is run by a mom who's into Pirate101, Wizard101 and photography. Read all about her adventures in the Spiral and read about in-game updates. Be sure to also register with her "Project What's Your Name," where you can submit the names of your Pirate, Wizard, your Pirate class and your Twitter username to help others find and identify you in the community.

Skull Island TV

Skull Island TV brings new fan made content to fellow Pirates. Run by Dr. Zeppers, the site features news on updates, videos, a forum section and even songs based on Pirate101.

Spiral Radio

Spiral Radio is run by a podcast-savvy group of Pirates who also enjoy hosting contests and providing commentary on Pirate101.

Stormgate Pirates

Stormgate Pirates is a fun site run by a Witchdoctor named Red Cody Hawkins (AKA Red Beard) and features cool tools like rune translations, in-game help requests, a fan-run fanfic section and TONS more! There is almost always a contest going on, so be sure to look them up every day for updates.

Swordroll's Blog

Swordroll runs this blog that's chock-full of helpful info and community networks. His unique posts on thought-provoking topics will keep you entertained, and he has a knack for digging up awesome concept art that he uses in his posts. He even has activities on his site that you won't find anywhere else.