Are you or your family new to online multiplayer games? You've probably already seen that the vocabulary that comes with it is like another language. Never fear- I have compiled the most extensive list possible of gaming words relevant to games like Pirate101. If I forgot a word, fill out the form below and include the word I should add and its definition (remember- it must be relevant to Pirate101!).

MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

Crowns: The currency in Pirate101 that is obtained only through real-money purchases and the referral program.

Boss: An especially powerful enemy who usually has special abilities and is assisted by his/her minions in battle. The boss usually gives special items as rewards for the player defeating him/her.

Camping: Often used to refer to sitting in the bazaar and refreshing a certain page over and over in hopes of getting a hold of a rare item that is usually sold and bought again quickly.

F2P or FtP: Sometimes incorrectly interpreted as meaning the entire game is free, this initialism stands for "Free to Play" and actually refers to the style of trial gameplay used by Kingsisle, which allows players to keep all their characters, quest progress and items forever after playing through a certain number of areas and quests that are available to non-paying players without having to pay any fees.

Mob: Normal enemies that are usually wandering around in the open. These can be fought and defeated in massive quantities.

Drop: An item given to you by a creature after you defeat it.

Farming: The act of fighting the same enemy or type of enemy over and over until you get something you really want.

PvP: Player versus Player- this term is used when fighting against other people who are playing the game.

PvE: Player versus Enemy- this term is used when you're fighting against enemies controlled by the game and not another real person.

Gifting: Pirate101's crown shop gives you the option to give items to other players in your friends list. Gifting is the act of giving a crowns item to a friend.

Spamming: This usually refers to doing something over and over, like a boss spamming a special attack, or spamming the x button to make something happen. This sometimes also refers to a player saying the same thing over and over and annoying other players.