Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fool-proof Farming

Is Rooke being especially stingy with you? Just can't catch a break in the Metal Guardian's temple? Perhaps you're left in the dust as you watch all your friends gather every piece of Captain Blood's outfit while you're still trying to muster the patience to do the dungeon more than once? Well look no further than this post! This week we're going to discuss some great tactics that you can use in your grueling hours of farming bosses for drops. While these techniques won't guarantee your success, you can tip the odds in your favor considerably.

You may also be wondering why these methods have never been discussed before. That's because a few of us have been doing extensive research during this toned-town time before the big release of updates coming this spring to Pirate101. You will find at the bottom of my guide a list of links to my fellow bloggers who have also been hard at work to bring you the latest in farming strategy.

1. Dress Appropriately

Ever heard the saying "imitation is the highest form of flattery?" This is a very easy method! All you have to do is find items in the bazaar that most closely resemble the item you are trying to get. This works for both clothes and weapons! Make sure your clothes' colors also match what you want. For example, if you wanted Captain Swing's hat, you would have to make sure you got a top hat (I like the ones from Cool Ranch) and dye it purple.

You are also free to wear gear/weapons that your boss of choice has already dropped for you and fill in the rest with your best imitations. Your foes will be flattered into giving you the rest of the outfit a bit quicker!

2. Be Charming

Everyone enjoys knowing they're accepted by others, so why not spruce up your fights by performing a dance for your enemy of choice before entering battle? Many enemies such as Bobby Bones, Moo Manchu and others with particularly sour dispositions will be in a much more kind and generous mood if their spirits have been lightened by a jig. So go ahead! Try out some of the emotes in your menu chat list. I won't give away too much, but some bosses will like some emotes better than others, so play around with it a bit.

3. ...but you can always try being the cheeky little pirate that you are

This is very fun, especially if you're already frustrated at hours of farming. Just like any normal person, bosses can get annoyed by persistently bad behavior. If you are as obnoxious as possible, the bosses will become "annoyed" and increase their drop rates just to get you to go away.
Annoying behaviors are, but not limited to, spamming menu chat options like "Do ye want to se me house?" and "This might be too dangerous," moving between the same two spots on the battle board, draining enemy health down until it's almost zero and then dragging out the fight and fleeing and walking back multiple times (not recommended if you've already begun to deal damage to your enemies).

Be aware that these things may also annoy your fellow players, so this tactic is best for those of us who like to solo their fights.

4. Combo Attacks

This is one of my favorite methods which, arguably, raises your chances the most due to it being the most difficult maneuver to pull off.
While regular attacks are cool, you can be extra cool with special attacks that span over several rounds of the battle. While you won't notice an increase in the damage you deal during or after one of these combo attacks, you will increase your boss's drop rates by a lot since these combos are time-consuming. These moves will only work if performed by your player and will have no effect if you try to make one of your companions perform them.

My favorite combo is the following, which takes a total of 10 rounds to complete (it's worth it!):
1. move up two spaces on the battle board
2. move down two spaces
3. move left one space
4. move right one space
5. move left one space
6. move right one space
7. skip a round
8. attack the boss

Remember that combo moves don't work unless executed in their entirety and without interruption! This means making sure that you don't trigger automatic attacks like Repel Boarders or Vengeance Strike. While very difficult to pull off, these combo attacks are very much worth the extra effort.

5. Crunch the Numbers

Another method that will raise your chances about as much as combo attacks is carefully calculating the enemy's health and making sure that your attacks are multiples of the enemy's total health. For example, if a boss's health is 100, you'll want to make sure that your attacks are as close to multiples OR factors of 100, like 10, 200, 50 or 25. Weapons' attacks will vary, but the closer you can get to these ideal numbers the better. Companions will also follow this rule, but their success in hitting those numbers will have less of an impact than your pirate will. Bonus points for hitting damages worth those of prime numbers, too!

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